“Can You Hear the Earth Scream?!” – Comenius Green Flag Schools’ Poem Competition 2011 | Closing Date: 31-Dec-11

The theme is 'Eco-responsibility: Can You Hear the Earth Scream?!'. Entries must be written in English and returned to your English teacher who will then select the five best and write them as comments on the blog. The poems must include the name of the poet and his/her home country. The judges will be the Comenius teachers in each partner country. The prizewinning poems from each partner country will be published on our Comenius blog in January 2012 and as a prize for the competition the winners in each country will receive delicious chocolate.

Please join the contest and let us hear your artistic concern for the environment!


Our Deepest Symphaties

Our dearest Comenius partners at Collège Saint-Barthélemy, Belgium,

The news of the shooting in Liège has been felt in your partner countries quite deeply, and all our schools, teachers and students in Finland, Greece, Portugal and Romania would like to express our sympathies to all Belgians. It is truly a tragic event that none should have to face.

People will ask “Why?” and “How?” and ponder, “When might this happen again?”

Unfortunately, this kind of tragedy is all too familiar to some of us in Finland, and yet, we have no real answers to the how’s and why’s of such violence. Nor have we arrived at any real and lasting solutions as to how to prevent such violence in the future.

Our deepest sympathies go out to your 17-year-old student Pierre Gerouville’s family, friends and the entire school community of Collège Saint-Barthélemy as you struggle through the grief and sadness.

Our thoughts are with you.

With heavy hearts,

Partners in Finland, Greece, Portugal and Romania


Flower Planting in Thessaloniki, Greece

The Greek partner school in Thessaloniki devoted the 7th of December, to voluntary work.
Students, teachers and their principal took part in a flower planting in the central square of Thessaloniki (Aristotelous Square) with the support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

Enjoy the video on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDmH0GaJr9U