So, who shall we meet in Botosani, Romania, in April?

It is introduction time! All the student members of the Belgian, Finnish, Greek and Portuguese teams on their way to Botosani in April as well as the welcoming students in Romania, could you please send a short introduction and a picture of yourselves to tiina.mustakangas@eduouka.fi so that I can upload your introductions to our blog! It'll be great to get to know the people who are coming already before our first meeting!

The Belgian team: 

Hello, my name is Elsa and I'm from Collège Saint-Barthélemy in Liège. I 'm 15 years old, I like swimming, talking, listening to music (especially pop-rock), watching films ( it's not very original, but...) and to travel to discover other cultures. This is why I think Comenius is a very nice project, we have the opportunity to meet teens from others countries and to share our culture. I can't wait to meet you, see you in Botosani!

My name is Carrie Debey, I'm 17 years old I'm not good at introductions too but I can tell you that I love the environment specially the trees and flowers ... I often go out and draw some and cities too, oh I'm a passionate painter specially when it's about the nature ... I love music and listen to every kind of it :) and I'm looking soooo forward to meet the Romanians! Greetings from Belgium!

Hello! My name is Quentin. I am 15 years old and I am from Liège, Belgium. I have been learning English for 2 years at school (Collège Saint-Barthélemy). I like listening and playing music (I play the cello).I also learn how to juggle in a circus school, I began 6 years ago. I like travelling to meet people from other countries, to learn another language or to know more about a different culture, and I want to protect the planet. So this Comenius project is perfect for me...See you in Botosani! ;-)

Hello, I m Pauline Rodado, I m 15 and I am from St. Barthélémy collège in Liège (Belgium). I m super exited to meet you  guys because I love meet new people and learn how do they live etc... I Also love music, sports, movies and meet my friends! I cant wait to be in Romania! I'll see you there!

my name is Eléonore ... I'm a student from the Collège Saint-Barthélemy in Liège (Belgium). I'm 15 years old. My hobbies are music, I play clarinet and I also do scouting. I have interest for the Comenius project because it's the opportunity to meet people from other countries and to share our ideas about nature and sustainable projects. I want to discover other cultures and Romania. I think it will be a fabulous experience... See you in Botosani! I'm impatient to see you!

Hi! "Grandma" is greeting you (I think I am the oldest one of the group...) I am a foreign languages teacher (Dutch, English and German). My family matters a lot to me and my grandson is a real sunshine in my life! I like walking in the nature, travelling, cooking, reading and gardening...What I appreciate in my job is getting involved in different projects because I can challenge my pupils, give the them the opportunity to discover other cultures and to surpass themselves.I do my best to be eco-responsible and to convince people to protect our environment. One of my mottoes: Yallah = go ahead!, always higher,always farther! 
See you in Botosani! Françoise Goorissen

Hi, my name is Céline. I'm a Biology teacher at St Bar high school in Liège. I will be almost thirty years old when we meet in Romania. I really love music and i enjoy going to concerts. I also like theatre and going for a walk in the nature... But, what i enjoy most is travelling to meet new peaple and discover new cultures. That's why, i'm looking forward to meeting you in Romania!!

The Finnish team: 
My name is Jari Kumpulainen and I'm an 18-year-old student from Finland.
I’ve hearing problem but I don’t believe it would be a big problem, because I hear well enough with my hearing aid device. I have been participating in Green Flag- project almost two year already. I’m little shy but social and outgoing person who enjoys interaction with people and learning new skills and things. Also I’m very open-minded. I like to write poems, to play violin and sing every day.

Miia Maria Anneli Pellikainen, called as "Miia" Hey there! Here is 18-year-old girl from Finland who is interested in politics, green thinking, jogging, books, new friends and travelling. That's why I'm so exited that I have this opportunity to be in this project! So there were just a few facts of me but maybe I tell more when I meet you all in Botosani :) See you soon!  

Hello all!
So my name is Minna-Maria, also called as Minsu or Mine.
I will be 18 when we arrive to Botosani but for now im still 17 :))
My favourite free-time activities are reading,drawing,spending time with friends
and playing with our many dogs.
Im very interested in green thinking and travelling so i was very pleased when
i was asked to join this trip few weeks ago :)
I can be a little shy at first but i hope we become good friends and im waiting forward to see you all :)

 Hello! My name is Kirsi and I’m a teacher of geography and biology in Oulu, Finland. I have a wonderful family, a husband and two children and we like to spend leisure time together downhill and cross-country skiing, hiking, geo-caching, watching movies etc. I also read books (Cecilia Samartin is my favourite author), do exercise in a fitness center and love to bake. I’m very happy that I have a possibility to visit Romania.  See you there! 

Hei, My name is Tiina Rautalin. I work as a student counselor in Laanila high school. I have 3 sons (Jussi, Akseli and Kalle) and a husband Mikko and a dog Eppu. Nature is very close to my heart – we have a summer cottage in north-east of Finland, and we spend a lot of time in our cottage. Now I´m looking forward to our winter holiday- we will go to Finish Lapland to do downhill skiing and cross country skiing. We have a lot of snow at the moment!!! I´m very interested to come to Romania and get to know all you people. I have never been to Romania before.

My name is Nina Salmela and I work as a German and Swedish teacher in Laanila high school. In the picture You can see the most important thing in my life - my three year old son called Max. Then there are three other men in my life: my husband Mika, our little chihuahua Elvis and a chartreux cat Figaro. We live in an old wooden house which has a small garden. I wish it was already summer when I can be in the garden with my beloved ones. If I have a moment just for me I love to read books. I couldn't imagine a day without books. Another thing which I love to do is to travel. That's why I'm looking forward to experience something new in this April. See You in Botosani. Hopefully the sun will be shining there. :)

The Greek team:

My name is Dhespina Mena and I am from Thessaloniki-Greece. My age is seventeen and I am a student of the second grade of 4th High School of Thessaloniki. I really love sharing my love with Nature and that's the reason I am a member of this program!!! I am looking forward to meeting all the eco-responsible students in Botosani-Romania!!!
Thank you!

Alo, Salut ,Olá, Haloo,Γεια σας my partners my name is Matina Papadopoulou and I'm from Thessaloniki-Greece .I'm seventeen years old and I'm student at the 4th High School of Thessaloniki. I love the environment and I want earth to be more beautiful and healthy, that's the reason we participate in this program. See you all in 3 months in Botosani-Romania!!!!

My name is Sophie Charalampopoulou and I'm not good at introductions. Oh, also, I'm 16 years old.
Guess I should start this off with my interests.... I love music, but I am not able to play an instrument yet (I'm planning to learn how to play the cello someday.). My favourite genres are rock and metal and I find music to be my greatest source of inspiration, regarding my drawings and writing. Yes, I do draw and occasionally write. Hm, I'd say I'm more of a digital artist, but traditional sketching is something I'd never abandon. About writing, though... As I said, I sometimes write, mainly when I am unable to interpret or get an idea on paper. But I also lack confidence... Uhm.... What else....
I practically live in 'my own world'. Daydreaming and brainstorming on my characters and stories about them is something that I do all the time; while on the computer, during the lesson...Uhm, I'm also interested in psychology and I love helping others overcome problems. Apart from Greek, I speak English and German... Although I really want to learn Swedish, too. Uh...I kind of enjoy reading books and watching movies and series...And I love dogs. Corgis, especially. So... Considering I've already -killed- this, greetings from Greece!

Hello !!!! My name is Katerina Alexandrou and I am 17 years old. I am at the second grade of the 4th High School of Thessaloniki in Greece. I love helping the environment and I believe that all humans should help the nature to recover. In my free time I read books (mostly about ecology, theater, history and social subjects). Also, I am an amateur actress and I participate in experimental theatrical teams. After my graduation from school I would like to study about kids with special needs. Also, I would like to thank our teachers for this ecological efford. I can't wait for our meeting in Botosani!!!!!

Though not a student but one of the teachers escorting the Greek team, I think it is necessary to introduce myself too: Hi, I’m Anna (not Kaskali, the other one). I am a teacher of Science and my main interests in life are: my daughter, Eleni-Athena, drawing and my job (not necessarily in that order). The reasons I’ve got involved in the Comenius program are my interest in meeting people of different culture and my need to know my students in places and time apart from the classroom and lessons. I’m looking forward to meeting you!
Yours, Anna Kotoula

Hi everybody, I’m the other teacher who’s going to escort the Greek team. I ‘m Maria Marinaki, I teach Informatics, and I like taking care about Nature. That was one of the reasons for me to take part to the Comenius program. The other reason is that I find it very interesting to meet people from other countries, and travel to foreign places. I ‘m looking forward to traveling to Romania and meeting you all!

The Portuguese team:

Hi everybody!

My name is Ana Vieira and I am from Portugal. I´m 16 years old. First of all I would like to thank to everyone that gave me this amazing opportunity. I got into this project because this is a one life time thing: being able to relate with people from different sides of the world and to get to know about their culture, living experiences that you can´t live in any other way, to get out of your country and get to know a new one… About my interests, I love cinema, my family, my friends, chocolate and Nature. I really can´t wait to be in Romania, and to get to meet you all!Hopefully, together, we will be able to inspire people and to bring awareness for this problem.

Hi everyone! My name is Vânia Lago, I am 16 years old and I am from Sá de Miranda High School, in Portugal. I love to listen to music, to hang out with my friends, to play sports among others. Besides the sports in school, nowadays I practice canoeing. I like to help the environment and to create sustainable tasks as well and that’s one of the reasons I turned myself in this project. The other reason is the fact that I enjoy to discover new countries, new cultures and also to meet new people. I guess I don’t have anything else to say, so I’ll see you in April!

Hey there!
I'm Martinho from Portugal 16 years old, so a student at  Sá de Miranda School. I pretty much love music (just like most people around here it seems) so it wouldn't be rare to see me wearing phones. So what else
should I talk about. Well, I've no idea on what to choose for college and the time is urging me to to so. With that in mind and to be able to understand more cultures got me interested in the Comenius project. Furthermore the fact that it's about eco-responsible was the cherry on top of the cake. Still, I'm pretty lazy to do things I could do for the planet, so I hope this project gets me more ought to help the Earth.
I'm indeed eagerly waiting to meeting you all in Botosani. Also, I apologize for the delay in my own presentation, there has been a lot to do. See you soon,
Martinho Aragão

Hiii , my name is Helena Santos, I have 17 years old and I'm from Portugal. I live in Braga and I study at the school Sá de Miranda. The first thing I'm must say is that I apologize for being so late in this introduction, but I'm the type of person that leaves everything until the last minute. Well, for my introduction I think I will just say what I like to do in my free time since my interest describe me well. In my free time I like to read , listen to music (to tell the truth im always listening) , watch movies/series, going out with my friends and the most important is playing basketball. And the rest I will tell you in Romania. I must say that I love the idea of project comenius because I realy think that is important to allert people for the problems around the environment, I confess that I realy like the idea of travelling.
So see you all in Romania (:

Hi! I’m Rosa Paula. I’m a foreign languages teacher. Travelling, meeting new people and knowing different places and cultures have always attracted me. I am very gregarious. I simply don’t like being alone. My family is very important to me (I’m a granny, too.) My grandson will be 4 on the 8th May. I like the theater, going to the cinema and reading. There’s nothing I like more than enjoy life by the sea with my family. I like what I do. As a teacher and a citizen I care about nature and the environment and I am always eager to get involved in new and challenging projects. I am very anxious about meeting you all in Romania.I am very anxious about meeting you all in Romania.

Alo! Hei! γειά σου! Salut! Olá! Hello!
My name is Vasco Otero and I’m from Portugal. After five years in England where I studied to be a dancer and choreographer, I returned to my small piece of the earth, Oporto. Here I live with my family, wife and of course with my sweet daughter Beatriz who is one of my inspirations in life. I’m a full time Dance and Drama teacher at de Sá de Miranda School and everyday I learn something new from my students. I am very happy to be a part of this team sharing different cultures, languages and ideas. This is always very inspirational
I am looking forward to meeting all the eco-responsible in Botosani-Romania!!!
La revedere! Näkemiin! Αντίο! Au revoir !Adeus! Goodbye!

Hello everybody! My name is Ana Paula and I’m an English teacher at Escola Sá de Miranda in Braga. I got involved in this project because it would join students with environmental concerns, improve their use of the English language and give them the possibility to travel and discover new cultures. I think it happened in Liège and the Portuguese students will never forget that experience. The new group is really looking forward to meeting you all in Botosani!
About me... family first and then work, which I love! I live with my husband, my son and daughter (they are twins) and my 8 months old dog. I don’t have much free time but I like reading, cinema and travelling in the holidays to discover new places and cultures. I’m worried about the future of our planet and I hope we can start changing other people’s mentalities with our example at school!

The Romanian team:

Hi, there! My name is Laura Durche, 17, and I'm from Botosani, Romania. Like most people,  I love music (rock,metal), photography, animals (mostly cats), reading books ,watching movies and going out with my friends. The activities within this Comenius project are one more chance for me to meet people from other countries and make new friends. I feel we'll have a great time together, so, what can I say but that we are looking forward to meeting you in the flesh?! All the best!
Hey, I'm Lavinia from Romania. I was in Belgiun in October with the Comenius project. It was a great experience. I will expect you all. See you soon!

Hello! My name is Pascal Ionut. I'm 18 years old and i'm from Botosani, Romania.
I am a sociable person and I love meeting new people.
I love music, sports, fun.  Also, I love to play soccer whenever i have free time, to spend my time talking with friends, to play on PC.
I’m looking forward to meeting you and having a wonderful time together!

Hi, My name is Ghitun Iulian Bogdan, I’m 18 and I’m from Romania. I am curious and I love to meet different people from all over the world.
I love art, my favorite music is rock and in my free time I draw or do sculptures.
In the future I would like to become a graphic designer or to be an artist.

Sup? My name is Siminiceanu Stefan, I'm a 18 old boy from Romania. I'm a tall boy, like 2 m highwith blue eyes and I'm big as I weigh like 115 pounds. I don't like tp speak much but I like to listen.Sometimes people are scared of me, but I'm not so bad. I like to play games on pc, I watch many movies and sometimes I go outh with my friends. I like to spend my holidays somewhere in the forest because it is so quiet and I also love swimming. Sometimes I like to sit down and look at the sky. I'm a lazy person. :) I like rock music and I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable, I don't care about fashion.
I am looking forward to seeing you all and making your stay here wonderful!

Hi! My name is Budeanu Ionela-Delia, I am 17 years old and I am in the 11th grade. People say that I am a sociable person.I guess they are right I'm alos cheerful and energetic and I love to live my life to the full.This project means a lot to me as it is an opportunity to develop my abilities,to participate to attractive activities and to meet teenagers  from different coutries.I can't wait to meet you all and have a wonderful time all together. See you soon!

Hello! My name is Laura Amarandi-Hriscu and I'm from Botosani, Romania.I am 16 (almost 17). I like any kind of good music, having great time with my good friends (we do many things together but mostly have lots of laugh), so I can't wait to make new ones. I hope you'll feel the same about us, and we will communicate pretty well via the Internet before we will meet in reality.

Hey!! What’s up??
My name is David, I am a great guy if you start to know me better, you will see!
I love to sing, I am an excellent writer and a singer, I also have  a passion for the movies with a good storyline.It would be great if I could be an actor because when I see a movie I can feel the joy or sadness of the actors. For example, if they are happy I am happy so when I watch a  movie I don’t just watch it I feel it!!
I am also a romantic nature I have deep feelings so be careful at what  you say.
I am an easy-going teenager, but I can be ,in the same time moody, unfortunately,….if you know what I mean.
P.S: HAVE A GREAT DAY !!! And …..can’t wait to meet you!

Hi ! My name is Mihai Andronachi. I am 18years old and I am from Botosani, Romania. I am a friendly and humourous. I love music, drawing and walking outdoors. I can speak English but I’m better at Spanish. I spend most of my free time ur’th  friends doing all sorts of activities. One of the most important one is dancing. You ‘ll see me dance when you come here. I look forward to meeting and spending beautiful moments together.

Cristina, the coordinator of the Romanian team would like to greet everybody. Some of you already know me, from the first wonderful project meeting in Liege, Belgium. But for those who don’t, well, what is to be known?? I am a sociable person who likes to have lots of friends and have fun with them. Family, friends, personal achievements, travelling … decent challenges, these are the things that are important to me.
With all my heart and soul I hope we will have a great time, here in Romania, in April. I can’t wait to see you all!