Questionnaire on students' willingness to participate in the project, and for reflection on their role in the process.

Dear students participating in the Comenius eco-project in Thessaloniki, 

Please fill in the online form before the meeting on the following webpage:


Thanking you for your feedback!  

Isabel Barbosa
Comenius Coordinator, Portugal


Meeting in Thessaloniki 2013

Comenius Project “Eco-responsible? Yes, we can!”
Meeting in Thessaloniki- 2013
Sunday,  27th

Monday, 28th
Welcome Reception at school Visit to school
Group activities at school
Light lunch at school

Sightseeing on foot and by local bus

Tuesday, 29th

Visit to American Farm School of Thessaloniki
·         Guided touring and farming activities
·         Light brunch at the school’s canteen
·         Planting of Trees
·         Shopping at a Mall
Wednesday, 30th
Trip to Edessa
·         Visit to Pella Museum
·         Thermal Springs of Pozar
·         Walking to the waterfalls area of Edessa
·         Lunch at restaurant

Thursday, 31st
‘Alexandros Hall’
Project presentations
Photo Exhibition (theme ‘TREE’)
Teachers’ meeting and coffee at school

Farewell dinner at traditional restaurant
Friday, 1st

To watch a video on Thessaloniki, please click on the following link:



Solidarity « touch » of our project to help a green-flag school in Uganda: some news

“The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.” Albert Schweitzer
They could install a first water tank and buy a stove that uses less wood with the money sent by Finland and Belgium + a contribution from an Ugandan association.
Portugal also sent its contribution (620€) thanks to different activities they organized to raise money and the selling of the wonderful photo-book about our stay in Romania…They bought a second stove and are so thankful! They are really impressed by our generosity!
They need a second water tank…we hope we will be able to help them after the big action taking place in Collège Saint-Barthélemy (Liège,Belgium).
We can make things different if we “bring our brick to the building… “
Eco-supportive?- Yes, we can!
Mrs Françoise