Our Eco School Partner in Uganda, Africa: St Aloysius Primary School

St Aloysius Primary School is a day and boarding mixed primary school found in Western Uganda, Mbarara District, Uganda, East Africa with a pupil enrolment of 1095 pupils.
The school got attracted to join the Eco schools programme. It applied to join the programme and it was taken on.
The Eco school committee has carried out an environmental review and as result the learners together have come up with the following Eco codes at school to influence behavior of the learners and the community towards environmental management of the resources within the school and the community.
The Eco codes are:
-Keep off the grass
-Always sort waste before disposal
-Turn off water tap after use
-Turn organic matter into manure
-Use litterbins to dispose waste
-Protect trees in the compound among others.
The school has done the following to protect the environment and planet earth:
-The learners have planted 45 trees within the school compound                                                         -Have covered bare ground in the compound with grass                                                                       -Learners in each school year sort waste before disposing it                                                                 -We are harvesting water into water storage tanks to avoid wastage and the Eco pupils’   parliament is encouraging learners to use it sparingly.                                                                          -The learners have fenced off the green belt on the school compound                                                  -Turning organic matter into manure


FlashMob for the Global Education Week in Romania

Go and take a look at the Flashmob the students of
The School of Light Industry Group of Botosani,
Romania, carried out for their Global Education Week:


Cristina from Romania


Recipe: Belgian GINGERBREAD

Ingredients (for 1 kg) : 1 coffee spoon of powdered green aniseed – 1 coffee spoon of powdered ginger – ¼ coffee spoon of cinnamon – 1 coffee spoon of salt – 2 coffee spoons of sodium bicarbonate – 250 gr caster sugar – 250 gr liquid honey – 250 gr wheat flour – 250 gr rye flour – 20 cl warm water – butter – 1 cake tin (1,5 to 2 l)
Put the spices, salt, sodium bicarbonate, sugar, honey in a big bowl, mix by slowly adding the warm water.
In another bowl: mix both flours, dig a well, add the other mixture. Mix well until the dough gets homogeneous. If too dry, add a bit of warm water (be careful, it gets liquid very quickly).
Preheat the oven (180°) for 10 minutes. Butter the cake tin, coat the bottom and inner sides with flour. Pour the dough, put in the oven for one hour. Check the cooking with a knife. Let rest for 5 minutes before turning out!

Francoise from Belgium


“Can You Hear the Earth Scream?!” – Comenius Green Flag Schools’ Poem Competition 2011 | Closing Date: 31-Dec-11

The theme is 'Eco-responsibility: Can You Hear the Earth Scream?!'. Entries must be written in English and returned to your English teacher who will then select the five best and write them as comments on the blog. The poems must include the name of the poet and his/her home country. The judges will be the Comenius teachers in each partner country. The prizewinning poems from each partner country will be published on our Comenius blog in January 2012 and as a prize for the competition the winners in each country will receive delicious chocolate.

Please join the contest and let us hear your artistic concern for the environment!



Dear Comenius partners,

Thanks to Céline, the flashmob is on YOUTUBE now: link =

or research on Google with "flash mob gare des Guillemins 2011"...

Enjoy it!