Questionnaire on students' willingness to participate in the project, and for reflection on their role in the process.

Dear students participating in the Comenius eco-project in Botosani,

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Isabel Barbosa
Comenius Coordinator, Portugal


The Winners of the Poem Competition are...

Thank you for your interest in the Comenius Green Flag Schools’ Poem Competition 2011 “Can You Hear the Earth Scream?!” The votes for the participating poems have now been counted and we are extremely proud and happy to present to you the young poets and their winning poems from each partner country. Congratulations to you all!

Greece: 4th Poem by Theodore Konstantinidis & Cleio Agiannoglou 

Can you hear the earth scream?
Can't you see the pain within?
We must extend a helping hand
Before we all get tombs in the land.

Save the air
Save the sea
Save the planet
Save ME!

Romania: 1st Poem by Donosa Madalina!


Belgium: 2nd poem by Silvia! 

Dear Earth
Beloved Mother
Look what we've done to you
Yesterday you were so rich
And so precious
Now you're condemned

Yet you were innocent
And we children of the Earth
Are all guilty
We've never cared about you
Yet you've been sacrifying yourself for us every day
But we've never thanked you for that

Unfortunately the more time goes on
The more your beauty is getting weaker
Blue Planet that's how we used to call you
Holy ground of our ancestors
Now you're ruined
But let me say that you still count for us
Because we need you
As a child needs his mother
And if you leave us and go for ever
I swear we will come with you

Portugal: 3rd Poem by Ana Vieira!

Can you hear the Earth cry?
You do not care
You do not try.
The black oceans, the burning green
The cloudy air, will be man’s despair
Spreading chaos everywhere.
Too blind, ignorant,
That is not humanity, that is insanity
And this is not a warning.
It is nature’s last pleading shout!

Finland: 2nd poem by Ilona Kvick & Jenna Kuusela! 

Nature is the best
the place I want to rest.
We have to keep it clear
there should be nothing to fear.
The Earth is going to fall
and it applies to us all.
The world is in our hands
so let’s save our lands!