Update from Uganda

Dear eco-friends in Europe,

The school programs are moving on smoothly. I am happy to inform you that
we have completed the tank and just waiting for rains to harvest the water.
Attached are different stages of construction.

We are really blessed with this facility. We hope to collect more water that will sustain
our population.

Best regards,

Focal Point Teacher
St Aloysius Primary School


  1. Water is very important
    Always use water wisely
    Think about the way you use water
    Everyone needs water
    Remember to turn off taps!

    Long life to the Ugandan WATER TANK!
    Mrs Françoise,Belgium

  2. Impressive work!
    I felt really proud reading the inscription about OUR Comenius project on the 1st tank they built in St Aloysius Primay school.
    It was a small gesture for each of us but a big task which will bring BIG results for these Uganden children!
    Ana Paula (Portuguese teacher)

  3. "Fresh news" from Uganda (18th April 2013): they had rain last night, their water harvest is good, enough for one month...Isn't great?
    Mrs Françoise,Belgium